Proactive Consulting is a Team of
Virtual Telephone Account Professionals.


Our Training is Online & Virtual, Working with Your CRM..

We have turned our Programs upside down.

Seventy-five percent of our training is “Virtual and Live.”

Our Telephone Account Professional will work with your business to build a solid CRM and business development process. This training is at the desk, not in your boardroom.

We Walk the Talk.

Proactive Consultants have a proven history building leads, sales,
relationships and business through discipline and CRM.

We work with your business to secure your databases future growth and value.

What We’ve Learnt.

Traditional training methods are not effective or sustainable.

  • Training Needs to be Live.

  • Business needs to Focus on Long-Term Business.

  • It is More than Getting a First Sale.

  • The Sale must Turn into a Customer.

  • Business Needs to take a Disciplined Approach

  • The Database is the Core of the Business and Valuable when well tendered

  • CRM’s Do not Work by Themselves However Good the Process or Methodology.

Training / Coaching Benefits:

  • Sustainable & Managed Database

  • Longevity in Your Business

  • Adds Real Value to Your Business – Good Will

  • Exit Strategy

  • Staff Work at home with ease

  • Everything is virtual CRM / Meetings

  • Up to the moment reports

  • Retention of customers

  • Smaller customers develop into larger customers

  • Business Value grows

  • Business grows

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